About Us

Identifying precious and base metal opportunities in the Americas.

Pembrook Copper Corp. is a mineral exploration company with a focused team of geologists engaged in the identification, acquisition, evaluation and advancement of mineral properties in Peru. Pembrook is exploring for copper, gold, silver, nickel and other metals.

Pembrook's objective is to discover mineral deposits and either sell, option, joint venture, or otherwise participate in their development.

Pembrook's dedicated professionals have a track record of success in discovering economic mining opportunities.

The Company's strategy is to advance the exploration on the Pecoy and Tororume project mineralization and work towards a resource estimate.

The Company operates in Peru through its subsidiaries, Compania de Exploraciones Orion S.A.C., Pembrook Copper S.A.C., Torion Mining S.A.C. and Compania de Exploraciones Hurricane S.A.C.

Currently none of Pembrook's mineral properties are at a commercial development or production stage. The objective is to locate and develop economic precious and base metals properties of merit. High level prospects include base metals: copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, nickel and iron; precious metals: gold, silver and platinum group elements - (PGEs).