Ownership:100% (Under Option to a Major Mining Company to earn up to 60%)
Location:Southeastern Peru
Deposit type:Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE-Ag

The Hurricane Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE-Ag project is a new deposit type in Peru and 10 new sulphide occurrences have been discovered on the property to date.


The Hurricane project was first discovered by Pembrook in 2008 during reconnaissance exploration targeted at the Abancay Deflection northeast of Cusco, which returned numerous samples high in Nickel-Copper and PGE's. Within the project area, Pembrook controls 34,444 hectares.


In 2010, Pembrook initiated an airborne geophysical survey of the Hurricane region to enhance the potential for discovery. A total of 3,290 line kilometres of a planned 6,640 line kilometres were flown with an additional 706 line kilometres flown in 2011. The 2010 survey identified twelve distinct EM anomaly clusters of which the Ocobamba AEM-magnetic anomalies coincided with a strong stream geochemical anomaly with elevated nickel-copper-cobalt-silver and platinum values. A total of four of the anomaly clusters were followed up with helicopter-supported reconnaissance. At Ocobamba, a small ultramafic stock measuring at least 300 metres by 400 metres across was identified in close proximity to the AEM conductor and remains a priority target for drilling. Results of the follow-up work at the other anomalies were similar with discovery of ultramafic rock in highly-vegetated terrain also in proximity to AEM conductors. The best surface trench returned 2.1% Cu, 0.86% Ni, 0.036% Co, 1.8 g/t TPM (Pt,Pd,Au) and 12 g/t Ag over 8.5 metres at Jantun Puma.

The Phase 2 electromagnetics-magnetics survey began in mid-August 2011. Twenty-one percent of the planned 2011 survey (706 of 3,320 line kilometres) was completed by the end of 2011.


In 2011, the Company drilled 2 areas in the 12 targets (Nanohauyco, San Cipriano and Negrohuarcuna) completing 4,576 metres in 31 holes. The best intersection was from the Nanohuayco target area which returned 2.6% Cu, 0.62% Ni, 0.03% Co,1.09 g/t TPM (Pt-Pd-Au) and 8.53 g/t Ag over 14 metres.

Option JV with Major Mining Company

In June 2015, the Company signed an agreement with a major mining company whereby the major mining company (the Operator) has the option to earn up to a 60% interest in the Hurricane project by making cash payments and incurring minimum exploration expenditures over a five year period commencing on July 14, 2016, the date the major mining company was able to secure community access agreements and commence exploration activities on the project.

In 2016, the major mining company completed ground geological mapping, sampling and geophysics over several targets on the northwest part of the project area. In 2017, they plan to develop drill targets and will complete further surface exploration over the remaining high priority target areas prior to seeking permission to start a diamond drill program in 2018.

Hurricane Image Gallery

Hurricane Drilling
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Northeast Targets
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Nanuhuayco Target
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Puguhuan Gossan Target
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Geophysics Helicopter
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Northeast Area
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Puyuhuan Target
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Jantun Puma
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Nanohuayco Target
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Russell Evans supervising air survey at Negrohuarcu´┐Ża, one of Pembrook's prospects in the Hurricane District
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Mineralized gossan (Cu-Ni-PGE) at San Cipriano, Hurricane
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Brian Booth and Bruce Harvey examine mineralized gossan (Cu-Ni-PGE) at San Cipriano, Hurricane
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